3D Visualization Models

- We provide 3D Visualization Modeling and interior and exterior Architectural Rendering services to Homeowners, Interior Designers, and Homebuilders. Our service is essential for trouble shooting design issues of a new home or remodel / renovation. Some clients use our 3D Model service for specific areas of their home however we can also create a 3D Model of the entire home and create renderings of any area at request. Our Architectural Rendering service is the key to bridging the gap between everyone involved.

- During the design or construction of every new home and remodel there seems to be an area of concern. That the area will not look or feel the way you want. Our 3D Modeling and Architectural Rendering service will allow you to see the area with photo realism before it is created. Our 3D Models are designed to scale so we can send you dimensioned drawings during the design process to identify problem areas.

- Our Photo-Realistic Renderings & Walk Thru Animations give you confidence in the design decisions and can save a great deal of money. It is far less expensive to render areas of the home and have the builder and tradesman match the rendering, than to tear out an area and have it rebuilt because you don't like the way it looks. Our Architectural Rendering service gives you a clear and precise way to convey your design ideas.

Architectural Design

- We provide Architectural Construction Plan Set document/drawings based off of the approved design that will be detailed and have the specifications for accurate subcontractor estimating, HOA approval and local building consent and construction.

- We make sure that the construction documents have the legal, regulartory and zoning requirements that the local building department requests to get the permit issued for the project.

Interior Finishes / Selections

- Because each project is so very different, that is how we approach the interior finishes, with a different vision each time. Our goal is to provide a finished look that is not necessarily trendy that has been repeated over and over again, but a "Timeless" look that represents you and your lifestyle.

- We work with several local vendors that make it possible for you to see the material and touch the material. Because sometimes, looking at a picture just isn't enough. Plus our online researching provides instant ideas for all aspects of the design and the materials used to create your signature look. 

Renovations / Construction Management

- We provide the project planning and scheduling from start to finish. With a Project Manager on site every day, all designs, materials and labor requirements are monitored carefully to guarantee a successful and high quality project

- We lead and work with a vetted and tight-knit team of experienced and professional subcontractors and vendors, who put quality first in everything they do. We make sure they provide the highest level of services for all our custom projects.

- We provide an online portal that you can access at anytime to help keep you updated. That includes scheduling, project pictures, daily logs, budget updates, invoices and change orders.

- Quality & Integrity: We promise to approach and leave every project with these two words in mind. No corners cut, no steps skipped. Making sure each project is given nothing less than our best.

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking".
                                                                                - Henry Ford

Business Management Consulting

- We provide a consulting and bookkeeping service to business owners and their staff that specialize in the construction industry.

- We help to find new solutions to keep your existing business on track and on top of its game. Anywhere from filing systems, record keeping, bookkeeping, software and day to day company operations.

- And with over thirtheen plus years of experience, we are able to provide training in Builder Trend, a well known online construction software portal.